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Attendance at Ton Yr Ywen Primary School




You can support good attendance by:


  • Avoiding taking your child out for holidays in term time
  • Arranging medical appointments at the end of the school day whenever possible
  • Telling us if your child is reluctant to come to school so that we can offer relevant support
  • Ensure that your  child only misses school for reasons which are unavoidable or justified, such as illness or days of religious observance



We thank you in advance for all your support in ensuring your child attends school as much as possible.

Good attendance is essential for making good progress in school. School starts at 8:55am and finishes at 3:30pm. It is important for children to be on time and attend regularly. 


Being 5 minutes late regularly might not seem much but over a school year it equates to 2.5 school days.






Public Health Agency Guidance - Recommended time to keep child off school when ill.