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Afternoon Easter Fun

This week we were learning about


On Tuesday we looked through a basket of Easter things and listened to the Supertato Story.

We made Easter cards, we could choose lots of different things to decorate our egg...are you impressed with our concentration?!

We learnt a new song 'Spring Chicken' it's LOTS of fun to sing and dance to!

We made Easter biscuits - we had to make them in 3 stages!

  • Before snack on Thursday we made the dough.
  • After snack we rolled it out and cut out the egg shapes. (Then the grown ups baked them in the oven)
  • On Friday we chose the icing colour we wanted to finish the biscuits.

(Don't worry - we re-washed our hands if we licked them!)

We did lots of gardening...

Do you know what we are going to do with our potatoes?

We had lots of fun practising our dance moves and making our fingers strong in Dough Disco!

We have had so much fun playing inside and out!

We had a lot of rain...but that didn't stop us!

We also went on an egg hunt...but we were so busy having fun, we forgot to take photos!